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Core Values


We view our customers as our partners, establishing a relationship of trust in each other's objectives.


We assume and fulfil our commitments with transparency and integrity.


Our success depends on working together. We are a company that promotes growth and encourages learning through calculated risks. As such, our work environment encourages collaboration, ingenuity, flexibility, and a healthy dose of a challenge!


We bring the latest technology and know-how to revolutionise the way our clients communicate with their family friends and colleagues.


We care deeply about people – our own people, our partners and customers, and the communities we serve. We embrace diversity by positively addressing the issues; we act quickly and efficiently with fairness for all.


We pursue excellence, through continuous improvement in everything we do.

Mission Statement

Making Waves

The creation of a wave in the ocean requires wind over the water’s surface. Over time the strength of the wind can cause an ocean’s wave to grow and travel a great distance carrying its accumulated energy until it breaks upon the shores of a beach.  Our Vision is to “create a similar force that drives innovation and development throughout the region, with affordable and differentiated products and services, which are an investment of value into the everyday lives of our fellow citizens”. – James Wilde, Co-Founder, and CEO

Our Purpose

To redefine the information & communication technology (ICT) landscape and empower our communities by providing affordable access to the tools and services which will allow them to entertain, educate and upskill themselves. 

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